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  • How to Install Non Electric Bidet?
    • 2020-08-26

    Let's use JZC100 bidet as an example. JZC100 is a cold water bidet.Here goes information to you about bidet installation down below.Normally you have 2 ways to install the bidet. If connect with PU pipe,please see the picture as below, * Turn off your valve. * Connect PU pipe with adapter first. * Then connect your valve with the adapter. * Connect the other side of the tube with the bottom of the...

  • Mold In The Production Process
    • 2020-09-27

    Do you know how many procedures does it take to complete a Plastic Injection Molding Tooling? This process is very and complicated. 1. product 3D drawing. 2. basic on 3D drawing,engineer start mold design. 3. after mold design,we get dimensions for the mold tooling. 4. cuotom a mold base and mold core. 5. CNC rough machining for upper mold core and lower mold core. 6. EDM finish machining for uppe...

  • New Product of Family Toilet Seat Cover
    • 2020-11-24

    Jingzhong Mold launched a new product on November,2020.It's a Family Toilet Seat Cover. As we know that most of Children Toilet Seat Lid,from the middle of the seat cover,normally they don't have soft close function.We are not in carving up past markets, but in discovering and profiting from new ones.So that we have this new JZ-JX01 Baby Toilet seat cover. The material of this JZ-JX01 seat co...

  • How to Install and Take off Quick Release Toilet Hinge?
    • 2020-12-15

    Quick Release Toilet Seat:By pressing a button, the toilet seat allows easy attachment and removal for cleaning.There are so many types of toilet damper and hinges.One button quick release hinge,double button toilet hinge and normal toilet damper with hinge box.When u want to replace a new toilet hinge or just want to clean toilet seat cover.Do you really know how to take off and install it easily...

  • Prototype Service
    • 2021-01-02

    A prototype is an early sample, it is used to evaluate a new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users. We offer Prototype Sample for our clients before proceed mold making. For example there is a new project of toilet seat cover.After finish the 3D drawing.Normally we will make one prototype sample for our clients to double check all the details.It will take around 4 days to finish...

  • Quality Control For Toilet Damper
    • 2021-03-03

    Soft close time is the most important for Toilet Damper.So promote quality assurance and improvement of internal QC department is always been the point. Start with a new design of Toilet Hinge,we need to do a series of tests for it before mass production. In order to get accurate test data,we need the help of some specific machines. Lifetime testing machine Lifetime testing is one of the most comm...

  • Customer Feedback For Toilet Bidet Attachment
    • 2021-06-07

    What we usually received message from our customer about the Non Electric Bidet as below, 1. What's the steps for bidet installation? 2. Where is the hot water come from? 3. How does the self cleaning function works? 4. Whether the bidet will be suitable for my toilet? ... Of course the most of people is asking how to install the bidet.For the Toilet Bidet Attachment installation,no matter it come...

  • One Button Toilet Hinges
    • 2021-10-19

    According to different needs of customers,Jingzhong mold create many types of One Button Toilet Hinge.Due to the ceramic hole will be different,so we have it in different sizes.Different lengths can meet the installation dimensions of different toilet seat covers. You can customize the colors if needed.Also the surface treatment of Toilet Seat Hinge,polish or matte.

  • Colorful UF Toilet Seats
    • 2022-07-05

    UF Toilet Seat Covers are now becoming more and more popular. It feels like ceramic to the touch. This special material makes it easy to clean. It feels heavy when you pick it up. At the same time there is a very high-end feel. I believe that your bathroom also needs a UF Toilet Seat like this. You may not know. A small toilet seat, how many production processes it needs to go through. From determ...

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