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Customer Feedback For Toilet Bidet Attachment

Customer Feedback For Toilet Bidet Attachment

  • 2021-06-07

What we usually received message from our customer about the Non Electric Bidet as below,

1. What's the steps for bidet installation?

2. Where is the hot water come from?

3. How does the self cleaning function works?

4. Whether the bidet will be suitable for my toilet?


Of course the most of people is asking how to install the bidet.For the Toilet Bidet Attachment installation,no matter it come with metal hose or plastic hose.Buyers can all follow the instruction. Some people still have no idea about how to install the bidet.We have video to show them.So hopefully it will make them more clearly when install it.

To collect customer feedback is very important.We listen and learn from their feedback,and combine all the suggestions to improve our products.

We got some photos from our customers to show that when we finished the Toilet Bidet installation.

Cold water bidet

toilet bidet

Cold & Hot water bidet

non electric bidet

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