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Prototype Service

Prototype Service

  • 2021-01-02

A prototype is an early sample, it is used to evaluate a new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users. We offer Prototype Sample for our clients before proceed mold making.

For example there is a new project of toilet seat cover.After finish the 3D drawing.Normally we will make one prototype sample for our clients to double check all the details.It will take around 4 days to finish one set toilet seat cover prototype sample.And it cost about 300$ in total.

Refer to the surface finish of the sample,it can be spray painting or without spray painting.What's the difference? The color will be different. With spray painting,it can be any color,and make it more real. Please see the below picture.

toilet seat cover

And without painting,it will be yellow color.

Toilet Seat Cover Mould

*We suggest to take the painting one. Cause without painting,The visual effect is different.

A Prototype Serves a guide to try a new product design.But at the same time,u can check and confirm the installation of toilet hinge. With our adjustable toilet soft close damper.You can also see the soft close function with a toilet seat cover injection mold sample.

A prototype is generally considered the first sample of a product. You can make changes to it until you’re able to figure out your design. On the contrary, a sample sets the foundation for production. It contributes to a great product design, fabric, fit, and construction, as well as sound production process. It’s a smart idea to create multiple samples as the first one may not meet your expectations.

We welcome and support a wide variety of custom prototype,to Make your imagined products become reality.

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