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Quality Control For Toilet Damper

Quality Control For Toilet Damper

  • 2021-03-03

Soft close time is the most important for Toilet Damper.So promote quality assurance and improvement of internal QC department is always been the point.

Start with a new design of Toilet Hinge,we need to do a series of tests for it before mass production. In order to get accurate test data,we need the help of some specific machines.

Lifetime testing machine

Lifetime testing is one of the most common types of production tests that toilet seat cover undergo.The device is proceed of function with 2-channel data collection and 100,000 cycle fatigue life count.After finish 100,000 cycle,you can reset the machine,and continue to test.

lifetime testing machine

Pressure test machine

Pressure test machine is the most necessary for a new design damper.With this pressure test,we will figure out whether it has leaking problem or not.If it can pass 150,000 cycle,we can say it is safe and no leakage problem. Pressure test need to proceed before lifetime test.

pressure test machine

Soft close time test machine

Soft close time test help us to control the quality during production. For toilet seat cover,normally the soft close time for seat is 12 seconds - 18 seconds. For toilet lid,the soft close time range is from 8 seconds - 20 seconds.Sure we can adjust the soft close time according to your specific requirements. Soft close time machine as below. It can test the seat and lid separately or you can test both together in the meantime.

soft close time test machine

After finish slow close time for Soft Close Damper,there is a test report.Usually we will ship the test report with goods and deliver to our client.For the test report,please see the picture down below. As you can see for the report,all the soft close time for each damper has been clearly recorded.

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