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Happy '牛' Year 2021

  • 2021-02-25

Our life with new expectations and possibilities in this new year.

AS a traditional way to celebrate the New Year,setting off firecrackers and stick couplets are welcomed by most Chinese.So we update our couplets each year at the main door of the company.

In Chinese poetry, a couplet (simplified Chinese: 对联; traditional Chinese: 對聯; pinyin: duìlián) is a pair of lines of poetry which adhere to certain rules (see below). Outside of poems, they are usually seen on the sides of doors leading to people's homes or as hanging scrolls in an interior. Although often called antithetical couplet, they can better be described as a written form of counterpoint. The two lines have a one-to-one correspondence in their metrical length, and each pair of characters must have certain corresponding properties. A couplet is ideally profound yet concise, using one character per word in the style of Classical Chinese. A special, widely seen type of couplet is the spring couplet (simplified Chinese: 春联; traditional Chinese: 春聯; pinyin: chūnlián), used as a New Year's decoration that expresses happiness and hopeful thoughts for the coming year.

We also stick paper-cut on the window and give red envelopes to employees. It means 'Good-luck of beginning'.At the same time,we will receive many good wishes from our colleagues.These are all very interesting customs.

This year is the Year of the Ox. We call it 'niu' year or '牛' year in Chinese. So there is an interesting saying 'happy 牛 year'.

Lunar New Year falls in January or February each year. Traditionally, on the evening before Lunar New Year, families gather to have a celebratory dinner. Windows and doors are usually decorated with red paper cut-outs and poetry so that the new year is blessed with good fortune. Other traditions include lighting firecrackers and giving money in red paper envelopes. Did you know that the color red symbolizes good luck?

In the Chinese zodiac, each year represents a different animal. According to the zodiac, a person born under a certain animal year will have characteristics of that animal. Find out what animal you are according to your birth year! Use the chart below by finding the year you were born.

Zodiac Chart

Zodiac Characteristics

Rat: Charming, imaginative
Ox: Dependable, confident
Tiger: Colorful, unpredictable, emotional
Rabbit: Polite, affectionate
Dragon: Strong, positive
Snake: Wise, graceful
Horse: Independent, hard-working
Sheep: Artistic, generous
Monkey: Inventive, clever
Rooster: Meticulous, talkative
Dog: Honest, faithful
Pig: Courageous, thoughtful

We also had a snacks party during night.People bring different snacks from home and sitting together chatting.It's like being a kid again.

At last,we wish you all a fruitful year! Blessed life and healthy growing.

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