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How to Choose Toilet Hinge When Design a New Toilet Seat Cover?

  • 2020-12-15

Sometimes people is wondering how to choose a perfect Toilet Hinge before making a new project of toilet seat cover.

If it is soft close toilet seat cover.There are three options.

1. one button toilet hinge

2. dual button toilet hinge

3. rotary damper with hinge box

But how to choose between one button hinge and dual button hinge?

At first,the price will be different.Please consider about your budget.

Second,please think about what your market needs.

Third,the installation range of toilet hinge.

toilet seat cover mold

We make toilet seat cover mould tooling and produce Toilet Hinges at the same time. Most of people would like to choose one button toilet hinge and dual button toilet hinge. It come with toilet fixing set,including two pieces of toilet bolt, two pieces of bottom base.

The quality of hinge will be the same.Cause inside of the damper is the same.And we do 100% soft closing test during production.

We also have some customized toilet dampers.Before put it into mass production.We have high pressure test for 100,000 times to make sure it won't have leakage problem.Then we have life cycle test for 150,000 times to ensure it has a long service life.

Jingzhong Mold welcome all kinds of customized toilet hinges.Our team will guarantee you with high quality products.

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