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PP & UF Toilet Seat Cover Mould

  • 2021-04-15

Classification from the material,the toilet seat can be divided into PP toilet seat cover and UF(urea toilet seat cover).

What's the difference between UF vs PP Toilet Seat Cover?

UF (Urea-Formaldehyde, Thermoset): uf duroplast toilet seat
Distinctive features :
The thermoset material is unscratchable.
-Very easy to clean and even after years looks like at the first day
-A high quality material and aesthetically looks like ceramic
-Resistant against cigarette burns.
-The most common color is white, whereas different colors are available on the market.
-Can be printed.
-Sounds more deep and less”plastic”.

PP (Polypropylene, Thermoplastic): pp toilet seat
Distinctive features :
Synthetic resin (grains) softened and transformed by injection.
-Shiny look
-Interesting prices
-Static effects (i.e. dust sticks on the material), not scratch resistant
-“Plastic” look
-Often very lightweight (but therefore also cheap)

Now you learn about the difference between PP & UF toilet seat.Then what do you know about PP & UF Toilet Seat Cover Mould.

First,they are very different from production. UF toilet seat is using pressing machine to produce it. And PP toilet seat is using plastic injection machine.

toilet seat mould

Second,the mold structure and design is total different. UF Toilet Seat Mould always come with a cylinder.

duroplast toilet seat mold

PP toilet seat mould

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