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Realize Automatic Production For Rotary Damper

  • 2020-09-28

Because of the increase in orders,manual assemably can no longer meet the production requirements.

At the end of 2018,Jingzhong mold company bought two assemble machines. Then automated production gradually came into being.With these two machines,it will be able to complete the assembling automatically and adjust soft close time at the same time.Total output of rotary damper more than tripled. Technology is a powerful force.We believe automated production technology and information technology can introduce efficiencies as they are implemented and people learn how to use them efficiently and effectively.

Labor costs is one of the reason to push us to proceed Rotary Damper automatic production. Talk about labor cost,it's a big difference from a few years ago.And it's still creeping up.

But untiil now,we still keep our original production line.We need it to proceed various dampers in different purchase quantities.So that it can meet different production needs.


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