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A Different 2020

  • 2020-09-25

On Jenuary 23rd,2020,goverment decide to blockade the Wuhan City.We just realized the seriousness of the situation.

The we began our difficult struggle against the ;coVID-19.

Our New Year holiday was extended more than a month.Because of the demand of production,we back to factory on early March.

We stricly follow the goverments's requirements to finish all the registration. And all the people come back to Xiamen city need to complete

7 days of self-isolation.At the begining, it's just 5 person get back to office.

During this time,every day we need

* take temperature 3 times

* spray the whole factory with alcohol

* meal delivery service

* ware a mask...

All of these requirements just become habits.Finally,things getting better at the end of April. Confirmed cases are going down. But at the same time,we saw the situation is getting worse all over the world.We contact our clients,and share our knowage about how to do some basic precautions.Also try our bast to send mask to them.

In the toughest times,we received messages from our friends,they from all over the wold.They ship mask and give us warm wishes.

No need to say too much.But Thanks!

The new progress of vaccine has been made. Now we finally see hope.

Red flags are fluttering. This year's National Day is coming.We have experienced a different 2020 together.Dear Friends,please be safe.Take my hand and let's walk together.

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