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Different Adapters For Manual Bidet

Different Adapters For Manual Bidet

  • 2020-10-08

JZC100 and JZH100 both item are a modern,cold water fresh water bidet that easily clips to your toilet and transforms your health,hygiene and life with evey spray. Enjoy a clean,
just showered feeling every time you go to the bathroom and apristine booty throughout the day-no more stains,germs or other worries.

Cause we have different types of adapters for the manual bidet.Some clients don't know how to choose.So let me show you some details.

At first,you should know that different countries are using different adapters.It would be helpful to make the distinction.

1. North America( the USA and Canada) ---- 7/8'' adapter & 9/16'' for hot water connection

2. Asia Market --- 1/2'' adapter

3. Euro Market --- 3/8'' adapter

Adapter's material:

7/8'' adapter --- plastic material or metal

9/16'' adapter --- metal

1/2'' adapter --- plastic material or metal

3/8'' adapter --- metal

Ways to connect the bidet:

For JZC100 dual nozzle cold water manual bidet: need one adapter and one 0.8M plastic TU tube/0.7M metal hose

For JZH100 Water Temperature Control Bidet: need 2 adapters and one 2M plastic TU tube/1.5M metal hose

Some adapters are designed for metal hose connection,and some adapters are designed to connect plastic hose. Plastic adapter also can be connected to metal hose.Please just check with us directly and let us know what you need!

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