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soft close damper

Soft Closing 20MM Washing Machine Rotary Damper

Soft Closing 20MM Washing Machine Rotary Damper

20MM small size damper is unadjustable soft closing rotary damper.The torque is around 1NM.It is perfect for washing machine and other samll size lids.

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Product Details

Product item: Soft Closing 20MM Washing Machine Rotary Damper

JZ-M007 is Damping torque is around 1NM. The damping direction of the Soft Closing Rotary Damper JZ-M001 can be either right or left rotation.

The dampers can be directly mounted in the pivot point. During each reverse movement of the unilateral decelerating versions there is a certain return damping torque that depends on the size. Differentiation of the damping direction through the coloured shaft. ACE rotary dampers are maintenance-free and ready-to-install.

Product parameter:

Material: PA66

Diameter: 20mm

Torsion: 1nm -3nm

Life cycle: 100,000 cycle

Soft Closing Rotary Damper


Damper characteristics vary according to the ambient temperature.In general,

the damper characterics become weaker as rhe temperature increase,and become

stronger as the tempereture decrease.This is because the viscosity of the oil inside

the damper varies according to the temperature.When the temperature return to

normal,the damper characteristics will return to normal as well.

The JZ-M007 series is a fixed type,its torque is non-adjustable.However,a customized

order for torque is possible by changing the oil viscosity.


● Buffet heating stoves
● Toilet covers and seats
● Washing machine covers
● Other large-sized lids

Washing Machine Lid Soft Close Damper


Company Information:

Xiamen Jingzhong Mold Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of rotary dampers.

According to customer needs, we can produce all kinds of plastic injection molded parts and provide OEM services. Focus on quality control to ensure that the product is worth choosing!


Q: How to make sure we can get a perfect soft close time for our product?

A: We do soft close time test during production. Will need ur sample to control quality.

Q: How to produce a customized rotary damper?

A: Provide us with dimensions for rotary damper or ur product.We will start 3D drawing to confirm dimensions.Prototype sample is acceptable.

Q: What's the torsion for your rotary damper?

A: For non-adjustable damper,the torsion is 1NM. For adjustable damper,the torsion is 1NM-3NM.

Q: What's the production lead time for toilet hinges?

A: 15-20 days

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.